Sunday, December 8, 2019

Father and Sons-2019

"This" said Dr. Graham, "Is my very most special place".  For Moonlight, he was referring to his ancient medical office, full of vintage equipment and pills and potions and a giant oscillating fan to stir the sweltering summer air.  My very most special place lies hundreds of miles south southwest from my gleaming modern office-El Pescador Lodge in Ambergris Key, Belize.  Last October, I got to share it with my boys.  By some vagary of chance, we were able to cobble together enough time to jet across the gulf to the tiny Central American country.  Over the next several days, we ate some lobster.  We drank a few Belikens.  Zach caught a tarpon, Hunter a huge snapper and was marooned in a torrential downpour for his trouble.  We all caught scads of bonefish.  Zach and Hunter got world class casting instruction from international angler-at-large Cameron Davenport.  They eased in to the delightful Belizean culture, and were as enchanted with our guide Vincent and the lovely young staff at the lodge as I have been.  On Thursday, Hunter and Zach boarded the little TropicAir plane and flew inland, where they toured the Mayan ruins, eventually climbing to the top of a two hundred foot tall pyramid in their flip-flops. I had the guide to myself, and he and his apprentice took me to the very far north end of the island.  We motored through an ancient Mayan canal, and I stood with my left hand in Mexico and my right hand in Belize.  And, ho-hum-I caught a nice permit.  I also learned a new word-"pocket biscuit".  Belizeans don't carry a sandwich to lunch, they carry a "pocket biscuit".  It is a most satisfying word, and this was a most satisfying week.    So, click above for the music, then click below for the pics.

My fervent prayer is that I have instilled in my boys a love for the outdoors, particularly fly fishing.  And, I pray that they can someday share their very most special places with the next generation.  Maybe this guy.

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