Monday, November 19, 2018

The Lou Gehrig of the Flats

Late October marked my third visit to El Pescador.  Tammy in tow, we landed at Belize City on an early Saturday afternoon.  United was faster and more efficient than the other carriers, and I really liked the schedule.  We took the delightful Tropic Air shuttle to San Pedro, and were soon met by Ricardo and whisked away to paradise.  After a Beliken and a snack, we attended the orientation session overseen by Head Guide Isa. After dinner, we made our way to our room to rest up for three full days of fishing.

We were delighted to draw Captain Vincent and his son Captain Roger for our trip.  We knew from experience that they were first rate guides and delightful boat companions.  They had us on fish early and often.  For the first time in three years, I actually saw permit, and was able to get a shot at them.   Here's a photo of me with the crew and an average sized fly caught permit-my very first.

You have heard me disparage my casting.  I am better suited to forty-foot snap shots to targets on flowing rivers.  This week, though-I got the fly where it needed to be, didn't panic, and was able to "strip strip strip" on the strike rather than raising the rod tip.  Consequently, we had success.  We had success that I never dreamed possible. I will report that Roger gave me the best tip I've ever had: "No Lefty Kreh".  Helped a lot.

The resort, as always, was immaculate.  The food was impeccable, and the staff was incredible.  Rather than bore you with details, my friend Jimmy and I put together a short little film.  The film includes scenes from our day trip to the Mayan pyramids on the Laminai River-an excellent and modestly priced excursion from El Pescador.  Here's the clip:

Did you catch the cameo from Ernest Hemingway?  Could you tell where I broke my rib? The Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig, holds the record for most grand slam homers in the pre-steroid era.  He never quit playing due to injury, and neither did I.  Since I am steroid free as well, I was able to join him in an exclusive club-Grand Slammer. 

Guess you know where I'll be next October. 

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